Thursday, June 07, 2007

More From The Global Warming Front

I found this response to global warming critics by author Joshua Frank on to be quite revealing. Frank's response is, in part, a response to a number of columns by Alexander Cockburn, a liberal who has attacked "greenhouse gas fear mongers." Here's the money quote:

Yet climate change, as I noted earlier, is a symptom of industrialization. It cannot, and will not, be tamed until we acknowledge as much.

There is little risk in playing it safe — go ahead and consider the possibility that human industry is contributing to the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere. The only harm in calling for a dramatic curb in CO2 emissions, I see, is that large oil and gas companies will have to radically alter their destructive ways. But if global warming serves as a gateway for people to openly criticize our global economy, and God forbid, industrial capitalism — all the better.

At least Joshua Frank has the balls to admit it- global warming provides a scientific cover for criticism of the global economy and industrial capitalism- you know, our modern way of life.

And Frank can quote all the financial data he wants- yes, of course global warming skeptics tend to receive money from oil companies- oil companies are going to send research money to those researchers who support their views, not researchers who think global warming is a man-made impending disaster. This follow the money argument adds nothing to the actual debate. But what about Frank and those like him- those who think industrial capitalism is a problem. Is it at all possible that their views on the issue of global warming are clouded by their political views of just how the world should be?

Let me just say, I know my views on global warming are certainly clouded by my politics. But I at least can say I have history on my side. History that tells us that climate change, in one form or another, is always occurring, and history that tells us that capitalism has provided the best mechanisms for dealing with environmental changes, in the form of technological and scientific advances.


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