Friday, February 23, 2007

Out Sick

Sorry for the lack of postings - I've spent most of the week knocked out with some sort of flu like thing. I'm finally feeling a bit better - at least better enough to blog - on friday night. Just in time for saturday morning bar review. Yay.

For now, ponder this irony, courtesy of Hit and Run. Or just take a gander at one of the pieces Reason links to: Private Health Insurance Is Not The Answer (via the liberal website

I take a personal interest in every discussion about health care. We all should. And every time I'm sick or injured I think extra hard about the mechanisms that provide me with health care. People always have such big ideas about health care but don't talk very much about what the practical effects of these ideas are. We should fix our problems with health care, not look to copy flawed models from other countries.

But just think about it for a second - I'll blog more on the topic later - but for now, think about every cost you have related to health care. Not just the big hospitilizations, but the asprin, bandaids, and antacid you purchased at the drug store. Think hard - what's the best way to pay for health care?


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