Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Butt Out

I actually caught this on the news last night: Child Pushes Smoking Ban. This smoking ban would apply to cars with children riding in them.

Of all the pseudo-science touted in the name of public health, this second hand smoke garbage is the worst - and what's more sickening is the way kids are brought out support the nonsense.

I blogged about the surgeon general's latest report on second hand smoking back in June. This was the same report that the surgeon general lied about to the media, hyping up the claims that second hand smoke definitively causes cancer, which is wasn't what the report actually said.

Is it a disgustingly bad idea to smoke cigarettes around your kid? Certainly. But there are thousands of bad things adults do around kids that we don't waste our time passing laws about. I'd just rather not have big brother regulating every aspect of my personal life and every aspect of my family life. Butt out.


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