Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Story of the Decade

2 Arrested Over Boston Bomb Scare.

Seriously, this is the story of the decade. Fox news has the video of the two men placing the objects around the city. Please, please, watch it. I don't know much about Aqua Teen Hunger Force (which these things were part of an add campaign for), but the objects that someone managed to think were bombs are actually one-foot tall flashing signs of some boxy looking character.

This is the story of the decade because it's just too insane to be true, complete with this wacky twosome joking about seventies hairstyles in their press conference with reporters after going free on bond.

More power to them. The key fact that most of the news reports seems to have glossed over is that these same advertisements have been placed in nine other cities for two weeks! This isn't a story about terrorism or about pranksters, it's about a city that overreacted and a media that fed the hysteria. It's about a government with no common sense, not a silly Cartoon Network advertising scheme.

Crazy, crazy, crazy ... Someone please tell me I've got this wrong, because as funny as this story is, it's pretty damn scary if it means what I say it means.


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