Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Long Time Ago ...

Just happened to catch this on the Volokh Conspiracy this morning: A Chewbacca Defense For Star Wars. It's a brief critique of the plot holes of films I,II, and III, along with numerous links to numerous other Star Wars critiques.

These critiques all go a bit beyond anything I've ever gotten into, but they ring true, particularly the David Brin critique of the plot of episode I. (If the whole point of the film was that Palpatine was trying to grab power, why on earth would he have tried to stop Amidala from escaping Naboo in the first place- why would he have sent Darth Maul after her?)

I'll be as brief as possible listing my own complaints about the most recent Star Wars trilogy.
1- Confusing plot that didn't make a lot of sense
2- No new interesting characters, aliens, ships, or planets - few memorable moments
3- The fact that the plot was self-defeating- that we watched 3 movies to see how evil came to the galaxy and every victory that the good guys had along the way was really just another step towards evil.


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