Wednesday, November 15, 2006

War Blogging

This from today's news: Dozens Are Kidnapped At College Office In Baghdad.

I don't blog much about the war because I hate to get into specifics about which I know little, but I was just struck by this story. The question I have for Democrats, anti-war activists, and anyone else who would urge an immidiate withdrawl from Iraq, is what do you expect to happen when we leave? Whether we're talking about terrorists, or as seems likely in this case, sectarian thugs, do you honestly think that things will get better in Iraq if we leave? Fanatics will continue to attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government and secterian violence will continue.

I guess my main point is that I refuse to cede moral ground when it comes to this war. Was it worth it for the United States, was the war conducted well? These are questions that can and should be debated- and maybe my mind can be changed. But to change my moral perspective? You'd have to convince me that, 1) The Iraqi people would have been happier if we had never taken out Saddam Hussein, and 2) It's right to just up and leave a country like Iraq where they still clearly need our assistance. And that's not likely to happen.


Blogger A Fan For All Seasons said...

Here's what I know about anti-war activists in college. The biggest anti-war supports/the people who call for immediate withdrawl either know someone who has been, or currently is in Iraq. At this point it stops becoming politics and it becomes more personal, but they ignore the thin line they've crossed. They don't care about the ramifications of leaving, they just want their friends back. I have no problem with wanting your friends back, but keep that private.

The more level-headed anti-war proponents think the war needs to end, but that end will never be attainable. I have a much easier time accepting this view point, and perhaps these people are right. For the time being, however, we have to stay and see if we can't win this thing. Eventually one side will crumble, and then we will know who is victorious. We have to own up to our own mistakes. At the time we went to war, there was much more support. We can't just turn to the current war supporters and say "told you so" and just get up and leave. We have to own up to our mistakes. If we leave Iraq now, we doom the country.

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