Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Busy Busy Bloggers

I always wonder how all the law prof blogs have so much time to blog- I know as a law student, I can get busy and go weeks without finding the time to blog.

Anyhow, for hungry lonely libertarian readers, here is a post I made last week on Prof. Long's comment board. It concerns the rights of sex offenders after their incarceration.

I hope to get back to more regular blogging soon, but for now, just a few random thoughts:

1- I'll end my Battlestar Galactica blogging with this thought: Battlestar is the best show on tv right now, period. I've been a huge 24 fan for a long time, but Battlestar at this point is even better written and even better acted than 24- and more importantly Battlestar is far more thematically deep than 24.

2- South Park is by far the best comedy on the air today. Although I think I'm admittedly biased given how much I seem to think like Trey Parker and Matt Stone. How's that? Just look at my post from a few weeks ago, commenting on an article about biologist Richard Dawkins and his controversial views on atheism and religion. Yes, that was what last week's "to be continued" episode of South Park was all about.

3- Just some gut feelings on how the contested elections here in Connecticut are going to turn out .... Lamont will defeat Leiberman, primarily because of a larger than expected showing by Alan Schlesinger. And in the House, Chris Shays and Rob Simmons will keep their seats, but Nancy Johnson will lose hers to Chris Murphy. Nationally, Republicans will keep the House and the Senate- barely. Again, just gut feelings.


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