Thursday, November 02, 2006

Battlestar Redux

For those who really thought Battlestar had turned into some sort of Iraq parable, last weeks episode once again flipped people's expectations on their head. If our heroes, the colonials, were really supposed to resemble the Iraqi insurgents, then how come they were the ones holding the secret tribunals and executing collaborators without a public trial and any of the usual protections for the accused. Isn't it the Americans that do that?

Once again, Battlestar is all about the people- you felt horrible when Jammer was blown out the airlock, because he really did seem like a kid who was in way over his head- he had no ill intentions. And at the same time, you could feel for Starbuck as she attempted to recover from her kidnapping, even though her motive in joing the tribunal was purely that of revenge. You hate the way Colonel Tigh treats Felix Gada, but at the same time it's perfectly understandable- Tigh didn't know what Gada risked, he only saw him as a collaborator who stood by and did nothing as the Cylons took his eye.

Once again, just a brilliant, brilliant show.


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