Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tales From The War On Food

Interesting article reviewing a number of books about the politics of food. We've also got this New York Time's piece on the psychology of snacking, and this John Stossel article about the girls suing McDonald's for making them fat.

The Times piece seems to state the obvious: We like to eat and we can eat without thinking. Several ideas for cutting down on portions are recommended, but the obvious solution of more control over what you eat in general isn't mentioned- as if we need little tricks to make ourselves lose weight.

One fact about food is obvious- it is cheap and abundant. And for some people, this represents a threat to our health, our way of life, and civilization as we know it. For most of the rest of us, food is an after thought, or in my case, a before and after thought, with maybe a mid thought thrown in for good measure. Choices about food should be left to us as individuals- they shouldn't be made by a legislature, or a judge, or anyone who thinks we're too stupid to make decisions for ourselves.


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