Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sex Ed

Interesting take on sex education from Reason. Maybe conservatives and liberals should stop arguing about what forms of sex education work better- maybe sex education (like, say, drug education) has no real impact on what teenagers actually do.


Anonymous Larissa said...

While I agree that many, many teenagers don't follow advice on abstinence or using condoms or opting for other forms of intimacy rather than intercourse, I still think Sex Ed can be a valuable learning experience. Sex Ed does not only cover sex, but it often also discusses puberty and body change issues and can dispell myths for some kids and help them understand the process. This is especially helpful when information from parents is incomplete, or if there are other issues in the home. Also, while I never had the privilege of simple abstinence-based sex ed, that form does not sound effective. When it comes down to getting dirty kids do need to know what options are out there, and hear the additional propaganda. The messages are important, even though kids may not ultimately choose to follow them.

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