Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football?


Blogger A Fan For All Seasons said...

I love Bill Simmons, and I love his articles, but my god is he biased. I'm not even talking about the Patriots pick. How can you predict the Browns to go 9-7 in a division that includes the Steelers, Bengals, and re-vamped Ravens, just because Romeo Crennell and Willie McGinnest are aboard??? Willie McGinnest is well past his prime, and showing a couple of scrubs his Super Bowl rings isn't going to motivate them to win 9 games. I can't even name another player on the Browns defense, and I watch football all the time. This pick is even more suprising because Simmons loves berating crappy QBs, and the Browns are starting crappy Charlie Frye, who is backed up by even crappier Ken Dorsey. This is why I hate Patriot fans. They won a few Super Bowls, yes, but that doesn't mean every player/coach from that team is a super hero. If the Jets weren't in the AFC East, I'm sure Simmons would've picked them as a sleeper team too. It's ok though, when the Browns go 3-13 this year, Simmons will look like an idiot, just like the Lonely Libertarian, who is also picking the Browns to go 9-7.

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