Friday, September 22, 2006

... And Then We Have The Liberal Response

And then we have the liberal response to the earlier Wal-Mart story over at Democratic Underground.

The evil part of me really enjoys all the confusion.

Well, we do need cheap drugs ... But this could also but smaller chains and mom and pop stores out of business ... And their low prices might hurt the drug companies ... Oh wait, we hate the drug companies ... But we need the drug companies ... And we hate Wal-Mart ... But low cost prescription drugs would be great for the poor ...

And on and on. The great thing is, I believe that the Wal-Mart "documentary" I hated was called, "The High Cost Of A Low Price," and when you start talking about things like prescription drugs- which people really need- then actually managing to provide low costs seems like an incredibly good idea.

For those who argue for government run healthcare, government run healthcare would not lower costs, that would merely shift those costs to other taxpayers- either that or government price controls would effectively destroy the market. Markets on the other hand, can reduce prices while making life better for all Americans- that is the essence of our history- increased standards of living that correspond with growing markets and lower prices.

The argument made by Wal-Mart's opponents- that some how Wal-Mart's low prices are somehow making us worse off- has no basis in economics, and no basis in history. Once again, I'd love to know, how could $4 prescriptions for the uninsured be a bad thing?


Blogger George said...

It's a bad thing. Without the high cost's how can "we" justify socialized medicine?

6:43 PM  

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