Friday, September 22, 2006

We Can't Possibly Give Wal-Mart Any Credit, Can We?

From the New York Times- Relief for Some but Maybe Not Many in Wal-Mart Plan for $4 Generic Drugs.

The point of this article seems to be to criticize Wal-Mart. My response ... Are the people at the Times crazy? Just read any other piece in the Times about healthcare, or anywhere in the mainstream media for that matter and you're bound to read about 1) the plight of the uninsured, and 2) the expensive cost of prescription drugs. Wal-Mart is using the free market to help with both of these problems by providing inexpensive prescription drugs for uninsured people. And what's the Times criticizing Wal-Mart for? The fact that $4 generic drugs don't help people who have insurance or people on Medicare, who are having their prescription drugs paid for them!

I think this a sign as to the state of the world today. Something is done that is going to help people, and the complaints start to fly that what's being done isn't enough.

Here you have a wonderful example of the market working to help people- the market actually offering solutions to a social problem. And rather than looking at the positives, all the New York Times can say is, "it's not enough."


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