Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More Conspiracy Theories

Via Professor Long's Comment Board, this piece from Greg Palast, who finds the Bush administration somehow involved in an ever growing global conspiracy of election fixing.

The lonely libertarian's comments, reprinted here:

Is that my old buddy, Greg Palast, cooking up more conspiracy theories?

I don't see any evidence, just a number of facts and supositions connected in a sinister manner.

Maybe voter fraud is widespread, in Mexico, and here in the United States, but doesn't it seem likely that both sides would engage in it, not just the evil conservatives? I seem to recall from the Florida recount in 2000 that both the Bush and Gore campaigns were pretty sketchy about what votes should and shouldn't have been counted.

In virtually every election, from president to town dog catcher, there is probably some sort of shady activity going on in regards to voter eligability and vote counting. Go back in U.S. history, and look at all the close presidential elections. You'd have trouble finding one where there weren't complaints about fraud and stolen elections. That's just the nature of politics, which is a messy business.

My point? This is just way, way down on my list of things that should really concern people. Imagine, politicians behaving like ... politicians. Every election has its share of this "win at all costs" mentality, but we only here about abuses when the elections are close enough for anyone to care.

Come on.


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