Friday, July 07, 2006

Climate Change Happens, Part II

This from the natural Resource Defense Council's page on the Consequences of Global Warming.

The NRDC lists the various consequences- midway down the list is "drought and wildfire" .... followed by "more intense rainstorms." So according to the NRDC, the threat of global warming is going to bring us ... droughts and floods? That sounds more biblical then scientific.

There is scientific evidence that the earth is getting warmer (as far as I understand, there is also some evidence to suggest that it's not). But regardless, ado all these supposed consequences of global warming, which reads more like a list of plagues from God than a scientific report, have any truth behind them? I doubt it- if you can prove to me otherwise I'd be glad to listen, but most of what the lonely libertarian hears about global warming are big on scares and small on science.


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