Thursday, July 06, 2006

"How The West's Health Fads Kill The Poor" - Am I Just Not Getting Through To People?

Always the sort of story that needs more attention: How the West's health fads kill the poor.

The lonely libertarian had a little back-and-forth here, on Professor Long's Comment Board. Read through the whole thing- the original posting is my own, as is the response by QU3L.

My question is- am I just not getting through to people? Does anyone else reading the responses of the anonymous poster get the feeling that we're not talking about the same thing?

I didn't want a debate about which poverty related problems are more serious- And I didn't want a debate about the allocation of resources to various poverty related problems. My point, my only point- as was the point of the article- was the way in which supposedly progressive health and environmental policies hurt the poor in throughout the third world.

Any time a conservative group promotes abstinence as a means of AIDS prevention, people jump all over them and say "that's just stupid." So why don't we tell groups like GreenPeace, whose support of bans on GMO's (genetically modified organisms) are hurting the world's poor, that their policies are just as stupid as the anti-condom conservatives.


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