Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm Not A Bush Apologist, But ...

Via Proffesor Long's Comment Board, IRS to cut tax auditors.

If it seems like I'm an apologist, it's only because I take the time to point out some of the over the top assertions made by Bush-bashers. Here we have IRS auditors and attorneys making accusations, but accusations are not facts. Before I accused the Bush administration of subverting Constitutional checks and balances in an attempt to skirt the law, I'd want to know,

1) How much authority does the executive branch have in creating and eliminating jobs in the federal agencies.

2) What roll, if any, does the administration play in making these sorts of decisions? (In other words, to what degree is this political, and to what degree is this bureaucratic?)

3) And finally, how have other administrations conducted themselves in this regard?

But maybe that just makes me an apologist.


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