Friday, May 12, 2006

More of the War on MySpace

Via the Agitator - Congress May Clamp Down On MySpace.

Once again, the cluelessness of our elected leaders:

"As the father of six children, I hear about these Web sites on a daily basis," [Representative Michael] Fitzpatrick [R-PA] said. "However, the majority of these networking sites lack proper controls to protect their younger users. Also, many parents lack the resources to protect their children from online predators. My legislation seeks to change that."

According to Fitzpatrick, the law would "require schools and libraries to implement security systems to prevent students from being exposed to obscene and objectionable material."

Beyond the utter preposterousness of the war on MySpace in general, this law doesn't even deal with the perceived problems of the website. It doesn't prevent kids from accessing anything at home, and it doesn't even prevent predators from soliciting kids if they use the sites in libraries or schools- it just bans objectionable materials. In all Lakewood, the few predators there are among the millions of MySpace users are not the ones posting objectionable content. A predator would likely want to trick young people into thinking they were normal- an objectionable profile is much more likely to be posted by a stupid college kid.

As always, the same mantra applies: This isn't about MySpace and this isn't about the internet- This is about parenting, common sense, and yes, morality.

And don’t forget the mindless overreaction of what the older generation doesn’t understand.


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