Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sex Part II: This Just In - Kids Lie About Sex!

File this in the "Duhhhhh" Folder: Patterns of Deceit Raise Concerns About Teenage Sex Surveys. Who would have ever thoughts kids might lie about this stuff?

The lonely libertarian doesn't remember any sex surveys, but he does remember the drug surveys. In 7th grade, at 12 years old, it seems pretty funny to put that you're a heroin addict who uses 10 times per week or more on your anonymous survey. Actually, it's still funny.

Even funnier (from the article):

I think all of this has public health implications, particularly with respect to S.T.D.'s, insofar as we are not getting a clear picture from teens' own report of their sexual activity," said Cynthia Dailard, a public policy analyst at the Guttmacher Institute, a research and advocacy group that studies reproductive rights.

Public health implications? I thought reproductive rights groups wanted privacy in the bedroom- but that’s right, privacy doesn't mean actual privacy, just the freedom to do what you want. And it's not privacy if it's a public health survey? But it is privacy if George Bush is listening in on your telephone calls? .... Ah, nevermind, I can't figure it out either.


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