Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bad News On The Freedom Front: Our Reps Say Choice Is A Bad Thing

Just caught this on the news today: Democrats Oppose GOP Health Coverage Bill and Federal Law May Kill State Health Regs.

As I heard Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.),

[The bill is] a retreat from our commitment to cancer. It's a retreat for our commitment to diabetes. It's a retreat from our commitment to mental health parity.

and Chris Dodd (D-CT.),

[Who is worried that] the insurance industry would offer plans that exclude childhood immunizations and other important services.

I realized that the real issue is government control over our lives. Look at the language Chris Dodd uses; he fears the insurance industry will "offer" plans. What a horrible word, offer. As if somehow, giving people and businesses a variety of choices is detrimental. The problem with health insurance today, in fact the real problem with healthcare costs, is government regulation. Mandating what insurance should and shouldn't cover drives up costs. And more importantly, such mandates amount to the government telling you what types of health expenditures are important, and what types of expenditures are not.

Why not give people some choice? Is the real problem that health insurance industry might offer plans that the elite don't find acceptable? Or is the real problem that some of us without a lot of money might take such a plan?


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