Friday, August 26, 2005

Walmart is A-OK with the poor

To all the Walmart bashers out there, please read this entry from Randy Balco's blog, the Agitator, on Walmart coming to Oakland.

There's really not too much else to say. Of course most Walmart bashing that goes on is often based on Marxist influenced critiques that tell us that the poor (or any of us for that matter) don't realize how we're oppressed, and that the freedom to work at Walmart isn't really freedom at all, but simple wage slavery. The point being of course, that poor people actually don't know what's best for poor people. As Randy Balco would say, if you want to believe that, I guess that's also your prerogative.


Blogger Kerry said...

I wish we had a WalMart :(

10:35 PM  

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