Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hey there gimpy, what's the hurry?

Following my ACL tear and the ensuing reconstructive knee surgery this summer, the lonely libertarian has an increased appreciation for the often maligned American healthcare system.

MRI? Scheduled the day after requested by the doctor.

Surgery? Scheduled for two weeks after doctor visit following the MRI- could have been scheduled one week later, but was scheduled two weeks later to accommodate my schedule.

The left always holds up Canada as some sort of shining example of a healthcare system superior to our own. So let's see how the wait times from Canada's system of universal healthcare compares with how long the lonely libertarian had to wait.

Just a few examples: In Ontario,the median wait time for an MRI is 22 weeks. In Alberta, the median wait time for an MRI is 7.1 weeks. And in Alberta, the median wait time for orthopedic surgery is 10.4 weeks.

If I lived in Alberta, I'd probably be getting ready for my MRI right. I'm much happier to be four weeks into recovery.


Blogger Kerry said...

Well aren't you glad you don't live in Canada!

10:12 PM  

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