Monday, August 29, 2005

Economics Lessons With Everyday Liberals

Trolling on Democratic Underground the lonely libertarian happened to notice a number of absolutely wonderful posts. "So," I thought to myself, "what could be better than putting some of these posts together into a little economics lesson for the benefit of all of us." So without wither ado, here are “Economic Lessons With Everyday Liberals.”

First, why not have price controls on gas? After all, price controls are an effective means of ensuring that people get all the gasoline they need. And they don't lead to shortages, or gas lines. It's not like prices play any sort of an important role in our economic system.

Next, there seems to be a problem with the concept of "affordable healthcare." After all, who would possibly want affordable healthcare? If the government pays all the healthcare expenses in the country, it wouldn’t just be affordable, it would be free. It wouldn’t cost us a dime.

Then we have the hurricane news. Apparently, price gouging has already been reported. I'm just shocked. When a disaster strikes, the cost of goods and services should remain exactly the same as they would be if there wasn't a disaster. It's just as easy to deliver SUPPLIES and there's no increase in DEMAND.

And finally, someone is upset about the treatment the poor have gotten with this hurricane. It's unfair that Mother Nature kills more poor people than rich people (see the Tsunami last winter.) It's unfair that rich people can just evacuate hurricane threatened areas on their own, with their own money while poor people are limited to government relief efforts.

Now to be fair, there are a number of reasonable and interesting posts later on in the healthcare posting. And someone actually does make the point that we don't have a real free market for healthcare in our current system. And someone in the price control post actually makes the point that we don't institute price controls for food or other "necessities." Just imagine if we treated every necessity the way we did food.

Before I go, let me just say thank you everyday liberals, for keeping my faith that 90% of all Americans and 95% of the left have absolutely no understanding of the most basic economics.


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