Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama's Health Care Speech

We didn't see it live, but my wife and I caught the speech on DVR at 11:00 last night. My wife may have had the best comment of any pundit early on, noting that "all the Republicans look grouchy." While she tried in vain to keep up Obama's nonsensical mix of statistics, platitudes, and anecdotes, I did my best to dissuade her attention by assuring her that, yes, Obama did just promise federally funded abortions for all illegal immigrants.

Reason's Matt Welch has a nice little wrap-up of the speech today, highlighting the various untruths and misinformation that was presented.

But being who I am, I was most impressed by Peter Suderman's take on the Obama speech, comparing it to the new Batlestar Galactica.

Watching Obama's big health-care speech tonight, I was reminded of the recent remake of Battlestar Galactica: For a long time, the show opened with a foreboding note about the series' robotic villains, the Cylons: "They have a plan." But when their mysterious plan finally materialized, it was underwhelming, and not terribly consequential to the larger arc of the series. So my basic reaction to the speech tonight was the same as my reaction to the non-plan explained by Cylons: This is it?


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