Friday, March 20, 2009

Battlestar's Sendoff

I'm unexpectedly awash with emotions after the 130 minute conclusion of Battlestar Galactica that I hadn't actually planned on watching live this evening. For all Battlestar's faults, tonight's finale met the challenge of wrapping up the remaining plot lines and providing a fitting farewell for our characters. For all my complaints of poor storytelling, the finale built on the visions and religious imagery that had been revealed all the way back to season one. The pieces fit together quite beautifully, but in true Battlestar fashion, chance of a lasting peace between Cavil's Cylons and the remnants of humanity was destroyed by the revelation of a dark secret and a final act of deadly emotion that was all too human.

The first hour was for plot resolution and showcased some tremendous action and special fx sequences in the rescue of half-human, half-Cylon Hera, but the last hour proved all the more powerful, with the lush greenery of Northwest Canada (where the show is filmed) the backdrop of a hopeful future for man and machine. After four dark seasons, to have such a beautiful, hopeful ending was quite powerful.

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm certainly going to give Battlestar another run through. Certainly, the show tried to do too much in it's four year run, but the finale highlighted the show's strongest attributes and was a worthy goodbye. I'll just take a second to once again recommend the show to everyone who's never seen it- the production values are great, the actors and the characters are incredible, and even at its low points the show is still well written. It's certainly one of the most bold and powerful shows ever put on tv- I'll leave my praises at that.


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