Friday, January 09, 2009

No Sense Of Humor

So Greg Gutfeld, host of my personal late night favorite, Red Eye (airs 3AM on Fox News week nights), has been named by GLADD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) as one of the worst anti-gay and anti-transgender voices of 2008. Here's the blurb from GLADD's website.

FOX News Channel's late-night show Red Eye continued to feature sophomoric jabs at LGBT people. On May 20, host Greg Gutfeld and his guests grossly misrepresented serious medical concerns faced by transgender youth and laughed as one of his guests referred to transition as "turning a hole into a pole." Then Gutfeld criticized Ellen DeGeneres for announcing her upcoming wedding, saying Ellen should "shut the hell up about it." In his September 17 blog, Gutfeld ranted about diplomats saying, "These bloated bureaucrats would learn more in two days ducking for cover in Liberia, than two weeks trying to pick up transvestite hookers in Times Square."

I've got to be honest, if "turning a hole into a pole" is enough to get you on a list of evil bigots, than the Red Eye crew- Gutfeld and regulars Bill Schulz and Andy Levy, along with their guests- have probably said far worse things. Of course, they've also spoken out in support of gay marriage, in opposition to Prop 8 in California, and hosted more gay and lesbian guests than probably any other late night show. The guys at Red Eye have even provided a forum for Planet Unicorn, hosting the show's creators several times. In short, it's really sad that GLADD chose to rely on secondhand accounts off off the cuff remarks, rather than be bothered to actually see what Red Eye is all about. Personally, I'm not sure there's a more truly alternative show on television. All sorts of guests have found a home on Red Eye, from second and third tier comedians, to writers of all stripes, to D-list actors, musicians, pundits, and other assorted odd balls. Yet no one from GLADD, despite multiple offers to come on the program, has ever bothered to appear.

This doesn't say much for GLADD's sense of humor, nor does it say much for their organization as a whole. Surely there's a difference between remarks made on a welcoming late night program that tries to push PC boundaries and the anti-gay attacks that can be heard on serious discussion programs. I could rant and rave about PC culture, but this is more than that, this is just flat out ignorance- which is ironic given the fact that ignorance is what groups like GLADD purport to be stamping out.


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