Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin-Biden Debate

Maybe it's just being 28 and having been through a few of these before, but I just couldn't sit through the debate last night. Palin was much better than her Katie Couric interview led everyone to believe, coming across as a George W. Bush-esque politician who can talk right to the people. She even had the accent and expressions to prove it. And Biden was more than competent, avoiding some of the verbal gaffes that have haunted on the campaign trail previously. For my taste though, it was far too scripted on both candidates part, with answers that were nothing more than well rehearsed sound bites.

Thoughts of leaning the Obama way are slowly fading with two debate performances straight from the traditional liberal Democratic playbook. What's really sad is having to sit through these debates and not hear an opinion from a point of view or a political perspective that I actually agree with.


Blogger McMc said...

Apparently the VP debate got higher ratings than the Presidential debate. Don't know what that means exactly. Maybe a lot more people were interested in seeing Palin and that generated more viewers...or maybe the evil Thursday time slot confused loyal "Office" viewers and tricked them into watching a debate. Could be either one.

3:20 PM  
Blogger lonely libertarian said...

I spent most of the evening being shushed by my wife while making Simpsons jokes and laughing at some of the more ridiculous moments.

My favorite moment of the night, was Joe Biden talking about the man he met at a gas station. Change gas station to rest stop and I'd be sold.

In all seriousness though, I think the Thursday night/Friday night factor makes a big deal, but there probably were plenty of people looking for Tin Fey and being disappointed with Sarah Palin.

And speaking of Tina Fey, I actually do think I have very, very good reason to want Obama to win- Tina Fey can't keep up this Palin thing for ever- I mean, she has to write episodes of 30 Rock. She can't go on playing Palin on SNL for 4 more years.

3:29 PM  
Blogger lonely libertarian said...

Biden also smartly referenced Scranton several times. Cuz ain't no party like a Scranton party ...

3:31 PM  
Anonymous rose said...

I've hammered away enough at why Obama-Biden will be one of the worst presidential tickets ever, so I'm gonna talk about what I think politically is gonna come from this debate.

I like Palin and I think she was unbelievably impressive last night...not at convincing me she's qualified, she's not, just like Obama. But to come off as confidently and likably as she did at this point in her career was unbelievable.

Anyway, whether Biden won the debate or not is irrelevant. Clearly he has a better grasp on the issues, even if he's wrong on most of them. What is relevant is who changed voters minds. Sounds like people think Biden won the debate about 60/40, but again this isn't relevant. What is relevant is how many people Biden swayed out of that 60% and how many people Palin swayed out of that 40%.

I'm betting Palin connected with far more people solidly enough to sway votes than Biden. I think there's a lot of people out there who vote almost exclusively based on who they connect with. Who they identify with. This is why Obama beat Hillary. Young people identify with Obama as do black people.

I'm betting that even though 60% of people think Biden won the debate, about 5-10% of people out there really identified with Palin (needless to say I don't think many people are drawn to Biden that aren't already on board with Obama). Obviously she's only the VP, but I think in an election where many are identifying McCain with Bush, this will give McCain a small bounce in the poll numbers and give him a chance to get back in it if he doesn't keep fucking everything up.

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