Monday, July 14, 2008

Things To Worry About More Than Global Warming : Giant Rats

While chatting with my brother last night, he made the point that there are environmental issues of greater consequence than global warming : Giant rats. As the lonely libertarian's brother put it, "the other night when I was in the city (New York), a rat the size of Splinter came scurrying out from under my friend's car." There's plenty of truth there. Remember just a year or so ago when a number of New York restaurants which had supposedly passed health inspections were found to be rat infested?

I guess the issue is sort of a "first things first" sort of principle. The negative impact of human induced climate change is uncertain and the solutions are even more tenuous. But the giant rats are already among us and we certainly have the means to deal with them.

Disclaimer: Perhaps I'm more than a bit influenced by the fact that what were most likely very small mice invaded my garage and had their way with some food that had been stored there.


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