Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama hates poor kids

Andrew Coulson on the Cato blog notes that while speaking for a gathering of the American Federation of Teachers this weekend, Barack Obama stated (once again) that he opposes public funding for private school vouchers. Meanwhile, Obama sends his own daughters to a $20,000 a year private school.

I believe I've blogged about it before, but school vouchers are one of those issues where liberals just drive me nuts, taking a position that favors big government and literally disfavors the poor. I could accept, at face value, a position againast vouchers based on limiting costs and literally saving taxpayer dollars, even though I'd personally find such a position to be unpalatable. But when, oh when, has a liberal Democrat ever spoken in favor of spending less money on education?

I'll happily hash out my differences with grassroots liberals on a whole assortment of issues, but this is just one of those issues on the left where the establishment rules supreme. Opposing vouchers is about being buddy buddy with the teachers unions, nothing more, nothing less. And it literally makes me sick to my stomach when pols like Obama tell the poor, "You can't have what my children have, you've got to wait for us to fix the government system which has been broke for decades."


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