Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Who's Really The One Stuck Behind A Rigid Idealogical Wall?

I'll admit, I often write about my "faith" in the free market, a phrase that invokes images of blind, unscientific belief. So I suppose I should clarify what I mean when I say I have faith in the free market- I don't mean a belief that the free market can solve every problem or the free market, in every instance, can make every single person's life better. I only mean that when I look to history I see that the free market is the one mechanism that has moved masses of people out of destitute poverty and that the scientific and technological innovations which continue to enrich our lives exist because individuals sought the rewards of the free market. My faith is not so much an unquestioning belief as it is an understanding of history.

Of course, history is always subject to debate and my mind is never closed to those that would debate the subject. Nor is my mind closed to the limitations of the free market. Yes there is poverty and yes people can lose their jobs. And I don't think there's anything wrong with the notion that society has an obligation to assist those who have fallen on hard times. So as I said, I have an open mind, as do most free marketers. But I don't think the same can be said for the other side. Witness this Democratic Underground post on the
expansion of Wal-Mart's in-store health clinics
. The consensus in the comment thread is that this a horrible, no good, very bad idea.

Wal-MArt needs to be stopped.
They will become the only place in some small towns to do ANY commerce.
In Fascism - The merger of State and Corporate Interests they become The Company Store.

They want a slice of that national insurance pie
only the poor,unemployed and uninsured will go to "the company doctor". They may be better off with no medical insuance at all

"...a burden on the health care system..."
If Mal-Wart was really interested in changing their image and fixing the healthcare crisis in this country (and of course, they're not interested), they'd use their vast wealth to buy armies of lobbyists to lobby Congress that we need to transition to single-payer. What MW and other nazi businesses are too stupid and short-sighted to see, is that single-payer would benefit them and lower their costs.

If there was any glimmer of hope for national healthcare, this just took it around back and put a bullet through it's head.

If anything shows people we need Single Payer National Healthcare, it is developments like this
I think people look at these clinics as a depressing sign of the times. I have zero health insurance and had to go to one in Wally World. The people I was waiting in line with commented on how bad our healthcare is to come to this. I say that each one of these that are built brings more people in the National Healthcare Camp. Repukes will of course comment on its "greatness"

Paint It Black-
You're witnessing the Republican answer to universal health care
Allow giant mega-corporations like Walmart to set up cheap clinics for low-income people.
I'm sure they'll provide the best medication that China has to offer.

Except until it turns out that the vaccine or the needle were sourced from the lowest bidder - who happened to be the Guangzhou Chemical Company in China. Chinese chemical companies are not licensed for pharmaceutical production, but they make them anyway - and that classification difference means there's no drug agency oversight.

Even if it's not right now, who's to say that when things settle out and people become complacent, that they won't switch things out quietly when no one's looking to make that extra dollar. This happens all the time on other products, a supplier change under the same brand name makes the new product that's nowhere near as good. GE does that, actually. GE products sold in Wal-Mart are produced separately and handled separately than GE products sold elsewhere. At least, that was the case a few years ago.

Personally, I'd rather not trust the company known for reselling tainted, remaindered Chinese merchandise with my health care. Especially with recent high-profile security breaches, I'd rather not trust any retail chain with my medical records of any kind. Who knows what kind of marketing database will be cross-referenced with that.

'Retail clinics' Discount healthcare can only come at a price, and I doubt it will be at the expense of the provider. We need healthcare solutions, yes, we don't need Walmart healthcare.

They Will Cram Untested, Low Price Pharmaceuticals down our throats and make huge margin further killing the elderly with cheap low quality goods that are made to destroy us rather than help us.

*** I live in the same neighborhood as the CEO of costco and I will have MUCH TO SAY when I meet with him in a month or so.

THe only reason Walmart wins is the costco and the other dem companies of the world don't get there first.

we need to do this on our own terms.

but in general quality clinics makes sense, making healthcare more accessible and affordable is the goal, but Walmart will make it more dangerous , harder to access and more expensive.

*** you can thank andy groves of Intel for this.. he gave the idea of "disruptive markets" to the CEO of walmart. fuck you very much andy!

A few of the commenters delve into the notion that maybe, just maybe, low-cost, affordable, and easily accessible health care for minor illnesses and ailments would be beneficial to the poor. Everyone else can't get over the fact that this is Wal-Mart we're talking about and Wal-Mart is supposed to be evil. That and any health care ideas that aren't single-payer driven just aren't worth the time of day. So tell me again, who's more closed minded- the free market types or the anti-free marketers?


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