Friday, February 22, 2008

Department of Murder?

Why is it we hear calls a new government super agency to regulate the food supply when no one can come up with specific examples of problems with existing food safety regulations? The reaction seems to be, "Oh look, there's a problem! Let's create a new federal agency to deal with that problem!" It doesn't matter if we already have mechanisms for dealing with that problem, we already have regulations on the books about the problem in question, and in this case, those regulations were violated.

Can you just imagine if we heard the same rhetoric in the criminal realm? A high profile murder would have people demanding the creation of a "Department of Murder" to prevent such a travesty from ever happening again.

Because we understand what the police do, we don't hear such ridiculousness when it comes to crime- but when it comes to food safety, media, the general public, and politicians don't have a clue, so we get all sorts of geniuses with their custom solutions to the perceived problem.


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