Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion

Guess what I did on Friday. My usual part-time work as a Parking Citation Hearing Officer in Hartford took an interesting turn Friday, as our typical 10-15 hearings mushroomed into 250 angry citizens contesting tickets they had received during the city's last snow ban. It could have been a real disaster, but we brought in extra hearing officers and the support staff handled the massive crowd.

As a semi-judicial figure, it's not appropriate for me to comment on the particulars, but I will say it was not an easy day and the paperwork has more than overflowed into this week. And I'll also point out that one of the men interviewed for the story had me for his hearing officer.

Although Pascone was peeved when he got into the hearing room, the hearing officer was not, he said.

"He was contrite," Pascone said. "After waiting two hours and fifteen minutes to get in, I was a little hostile. But I've got to be honest. They weren't."

After a painless hearing, Pascone was told he would hear something by mail soon.


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