Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Just a quick shout out to all my Connecticut readers (and any readers in any of the other Super Tuesday states) ... If your registered and if you give a damn about your R's and D's, get out there and vote today.

Personally, I'd rather not be affiliated with the Stupid Party or the Evil Party, but that's just me. And in Connecticut that's enough to keep me out of the polls. I really don't like any of the choices presenting them self today, but allow me to make a few recommendations. I can say for certain that there are more choices here than there were in 2004- Much better than just douche and turd.

1- Libertarians and small government conservatives should cast a vote for Ron Paul. Forget about all the controversy, forget about his focus on the gold standard, and forget about his position on the war. He's not going to win the Republican nomination, so a vote for him is a protest in favor of small government.

2- If you're a hard core liberal you should vote Obama. Theres really not a lot of difference policy-wise between Clinton and Obama, but Obama will face less opposition and is just more likely to get liberal things done in the Whitehouse.

3- If you're truly a middle-of-the road voter, Obama, Clinton, and even Romney are all decent choices. If you favor health care reform, Romney may actually be your best bet- he already implemented an individual health care mandate in Massachusetts and that plan isn't all that different than those proposed by Clinton or Obama (From a libertarian perspective, Obama's is actually preferable, as it doesn't include an individual mandate). If you want a more open immigration policy, then Obama is your guy, with Clinton and Romney promising to be a bit tougher.

4- Let me just take the time to get all Ann Coulter on all of you and state my opposition to John McCain. The controversial conservative commentator has gone on record saying she'll campaign for Hillary Clinton if McCain is the Republican nominee. So yeah, lots of conservatives hate him, but let me just go over a few reasons why everyone should be leery of a McCain presidency. If your opposed to the war in any way at all, McCain is on the other side of the universe from you- I think the Simpsons had a joke about "Operation Never Ending Occupation" and that's exactly what you'd get with a McCain presidency. McCain has been a fairly bipartisan senator, generally in favor of government action, but his policy choices tend to flow from the prevailing political winds and not any particular philosophy. I guess what I'm saying is, libertarians should be wary of McCain because he has no problem using government to meet his ends and the rest of you should be wary because it's hard to know what the ends of a four-year McCain presidency would entail.

5- I haven't mentioned Mike Huckabee, so I'll mention him here.I suppose you should vote for him if you don't believe in evolution? I just know a Huckabee presidency was the scariest one imaginable. Thank God he has no money and is losing support.


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