Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Local Support For Ending The War On Drugs

I missed this last week, but bravo to Republican Hartford city councilman Dr. Robert Painter, who took on the war on drugs in a Hartford Courant op-ed piece. In that piece, Painter advocates marijuana legalization and the decriminalization of other drugs. Let me just say, Dr. Painter has balls to even suggest these measures in a public forum.

Today, the Courant published this response from a retired Hartford police sergeant. What's interesting is how none of the points made by Dr. Painter (points which I've often made on this website, such as how prohibition itself creates crime and violence) are addressed in this response. Rather, the response focuses on the point that legalization will create more drug problems, without providing any evidence to back this point up. Also interesting is the former sergeant's concern with a permanent drug addicted underclass, as if such an underclass didn't already exist.

Don't forget my warnings about feel-goodism and the appeal of protecting those who can't protect themselves.


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