Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cory Maye Denied

All of Radley Balco's hard work, thus far, is for nought, as Cory Maye's motion for a new trial was denied.

The facts just seem to speak for themselves. Maye was home alone with his daughter when police executed a mistaken drug warrant in the middle of the night. Maye shot and killed officer Ron Jones in what he claims was self defense (as he didn't realize that the out-of-uniform Jones was a police officer). Maye then surrendered himself to the other officers. That Maye is still on death row seems unfathomable. He has no criminal record and there is no evidence he was engaged in any illegal activity, yet we're supposed to believe he shot one officer in cold blood and then willingly surrendered himself. It just makes no sense. Maybe there's hope on appeal.


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