Monday, December 18, 2006

The Last Straw

Something about this story just got to me going this morning: Former U.S. Detainee In Iraq Recalls Torment.

Since 9-11, I have been more than willing to let things slide when it comes to the prosecution of terrorism. It wasn't so much apathy as it was a recognition that we needed a major change in our foreign policy. In all likelihood it was also a reaction to those with their heads in the sand. I've overlooked abuses because it's difficult to implement new programs and because some supposed abuses weren't really abuses at all. But reading this story it just sort of hit home to me that our makeshift policy is not working. This isn't a repudiation of the war, or a vicious criticism of the Bush administration- just a recognition that if we're going to fight terrorism in the way we need to, we need to do it right.


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