Sunday, December 10, 2006

... And They Were Mad No One Knew What The Patriot Act Was All About

From yesterdays New York Times: E.Coli fears inspire call for oversight, and the accompanying editorial, which calls for national regulation.

Everyone can agree that we don't want to eat produce that's been contaminated with e.coli. But read both the article and the editorial, and tell me what the New York Times' proposed solution is. "Regulation" is not a solution, it's just a knee-jerk leftist response to anything that seems to be a problem. Go ahead, read the Times again. You're still not going to find any ideas that would have saved the American public from bad onions and bad spinach.

As usual, I blog about this not to place blame, but only to point out a "government can do anything" mindset that is all to prevalent in this country. There are some problems that government just can't solve- and there are some problems that we're better off not having government solve in the first place. I don't want to give the impression that I'm opposed to all health regulations because I'm not. I just feel that a great deal of such regulations are misguided, unnecessary, and unduly burdensome. And when you call for new regulations- as the New York Times does- you should have some sort of idea what sort of regulations you're actually calling for. Blindly seeking to impose new laws just hurts producers, consumers, and taxpayers- that's right, everyone.


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