Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Testing the Waters 2006 Follow Up

I honestly find this to be frightening-

My latest google search reveals no real criticism of the NRDC's 2006 beach report, blogged about here and here.

Well there is one criticism, but that's my own, coming in at number 21.

Virtually every major media outlet and all sorts of major newspapers picked up the story, and not one of them examined the NRDC's claims with a critical eye. It was just reported as news.

This is more than just an indictment of our media; this is a problem that stems to the very notion of just what is truth. If no one questions these sorts of findings- supposedly made in the public interest- than the unthinking assumption becomes that these claims are true. And this is a horribly frightening thought, that "public interest" claims about health, safety, and the environment can so easily become unquestioned assumptions.

It's no wonder I'm so lonely.


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