Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Feminism, Islam, War, and Peace

Interesting Read: Wimmin At War.

It's always nice to see someone coming down somewhere in between liberal insanity and conservative rigidness.


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Great article.

The problem with peace activists is that they don't get it. Their hearts are in the right place but they don't realize the other side doesn't want peace. Hezbollah doesn't want peace with Israel, they want to destroy it. But activists somehow dilude themsleves into thinking Israel (or America) are at fault for instigating that behavior because we don't understand Islamic culture and that's just not true.

There's a great episode of South Park in which Stan stumbles upon the PETA headquarters. Stan is in disbelief as PETA members have not only married animals but have somehow found ways to reproduce with them. When a gang comes and stats shooting at PETA, the animal-lovers throw themselves in front of their "mates". The animals obviously could care less for the humans, so they run away and pick at the carcasses of dead PETA people. Although an exaggeration of PETA (and a very funny episode), it shows that the animals don't want anything to do with PETA, despite their efforts to save the creatures. Much like Peta, peace activists think that they will one day hold hands with Osama bin Laden and they will all sing and dance on a grassy hill top. Osama wants nothing to do with these activists, or any American in general. He could care less if we die, and sadly, there are a lot of people who think that way in the Middle East.

I read an article last week that equated the current situation in the Middle East to a school bully. The "Bully" is the terrorist factions bent on destroying us. How do you deal with a school bully? You can try ignoring him/her, but the bully is still going to kick your ass and take your lunch money. The only real way to stop a bully is to fight back. That's why retaliation was necessary after 9/11, and that's why Israel had to strike back against Lebanon. And say what you want about Israel's respone, but they needed to strike back harder to show what will happen if Hezbollah continues.

Peace activists aren't bad people. They want the world to be a happy place and that's a great goal. The problem is, there are people abroad and domestically who want to inflict pain on others and until they are gone, we'll never have peace.

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