Sunday, July 16, 2006

What You Need Is A President Like ...

Don't you just hate those vague quizzes about political figures- you know, the types of quizzes that always lead you to choose Adolph Hitler as the best potential political leader. Well, in the same vein, the lonely libertarian has one of his own:

With all the complaints about the Bush administration, don't you long for the days of a president who,

1) Would end American involvement in an unpopular foreign war,

2) Would do something- anything- to control skyrocketing gasoline prices,

3) Would improve American relations with other world powers,

and 4) Would do more to protect the environment than any previous president.

Click here to see the sort of president you might be interested in.

That's right, it was during the administration of the president mentioned above that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) was created, the Cold War cooled as negotiations were conducted with China and the U.S.S.R., the first gasoline price controls were instituted, and American involvement in the war in Vietnam was ended.


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