Monday, May 22, 2006

Conservatives Take Aim In The War On MySpace

See story here, courtesy of Nathan Tabor at The gag-me, overreaction quote of the day-

But now they’ve [parents] come to realize that no teen is immune to the lure of a clever predator in cyberspace.

Ooooo! Danger is only a click away, ooooooo!

One would think conservatives would offer, well, conservative solutions. To put myself into the role of Mr. Conservative, I would say that parents who teach their children good morals and good values don't have to worry about their kids running off to have sex with older men. And parents who teach their kids the basics of personal safety don't have to worry about "predators." Tabor's solution is to "unplug the computer once in awhile." In today's day and age this is the literal equivalent of locking a child in the basement to keep them from going outside. You don't keep teenagers safe by shielding them from all the possible dangers of the outside world. If teenagers don't learn to deal with MySpace at age 14 or 15, how are they possibly going to know how to handle themselves when they're 18, legal adults, and off on their own at college.

The real lesson here is one conservatives should know very well. Good kids who stay out of trouble are still good kids, and are still staying out of trouble in the MySpace era. Troubled kids in need of parenting and discipline got themselves into trouble in the past, and now have another outlet (in the form of MySpace) to get themselves into trouble.


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