Thursday, March 30, 2006

We may be reaching a tipping point- global laming is occurring and there may be no turning back!

Kudos to anyone else who enjoyed a very entertaining "South Park" last night. The episode was really a big joke about hybrid cars- not the cars themselves, as the cars are just inanimate objects, but the high and might attitudes of the hybrid crowd. The jokes involved hybrid owners talking with their eyes closed, enjoying the smell of their own farts, and driving cars with names like "Pious."

Of course, all the high and mighty attitudes led to large clouds of "smug" building over South Park and of course, San Francisco. These clouds combined with the cloud of smug emanating from George Clooney's Oscar Awards acceptance speech to form a very perfect storm.

But for the lonely libertarian, the best part was when Ranger McFriendly explained to the kids how such clouds of smug invariably lead to global laming. Ahhh global laming. Now that's a real threat if I ever saw one.


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