Sunday, March 26, 2006

"When did you ever see a Mexican blow up the world trade center?"

I wonder if I was the only one who loved that quote,from a protester among the 1/2 million who marched in Los Angeles to support immigration rights this weekend.

And not to harp, but so-called illegal immigrants were not among the 19 September 11th hijackers either.

For those who wonder why I can think highly of President Bush at times, it is because of issues such as immigration, where he has taken stands at odds with his own party to do what he believes is good for America, good for business, and just the right thing to do. Hopefully Bush will continue to stand up to the growing ranks of the xenophobic and isolationism who would militarize our borders- the problem is, what used to be a strictly Republican sort of ugliness has seeped into the Democratic party as of late. Of course, what would be even better would be if someone realized the illegal immigration problem would be solved by letting a lot more people in the country legally.


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