Saturday, January 21, 2006

The War On Drugs and Alcohol

In the local headlines, colleges in Connecticut band together to combat drug and alcohol abuse.

The lonely libertarian doubts that the administrators of these schools have any clue what they're talking about. They likely want a nice photo op, and they'd like to create the impression that they are doing something about this "truly serious" problem.

"We're facing an enormous challenge," said UH President Walter Harrison. "The culture of alcohol is very prevalent in our society."

Funny- I thought in college we were supposed to learn to respect and value other cultures- not to eradicate them.

This article doesn't mention the term, but you know for that "binge drinking" is on the minds of all concerned parties. The problem is, to administrators, drinking a 6 pack in one evening may be considered binge drinking. To college students that constitutes "Friday Night." This country does have a major problem when it comes to alcohol and drugs, but that problem comes from the well-intentioned concerned folks, and not from the majority of users.


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