Friday, September 16, 2005

It wasn't global warming and it wasn't gays: The tax cuts are what really caused Katrina!

This sounds like a good idea: America needs to stop donating so much money to charity! Yeah, that's just brilliant. The point of this short piece is to convince us not to donate to charity as some sort of plan to shame the government into ... well, into doing something, I'm not quite sure what exactly. But I think the point is that tax cuts are to blame for the Gulf Coast disaster. Some choice passages:

Hurricane Katrina has prompted Americans to donate more than $700 million to charity, reports the Chronicle of Philanthropy. So many suckers, so little foresight.

That's right, Americans concerned about their fellow Americans are suckers. We should be forced to pay higher taxes do the government can effect more relief, while we shouldn't voluntarily give money to help those in need.

Disaster relief is too important to be left to private fundraisers, with their self-sustaining fundraising expenses, administrative overhead (nine percent for the Red Cross) and their parochial, often religious, agendas. It's also way too expensive.

Oh that's right. I must have forgotten how efficient the federal government is. And I also must have forgotten how the federal government has been such a success at keeping "administrative overhead" as low as possible. If only the private sector could learn how the government manages to cut the red tape and keep bureaucracy to a bare minimum.

It just makes the lonely libertarian wonder: Is Ted Rall really thinking about what he's writing? The problem with the Katrina response has been the exact opposite of everything Rall has said. The problem to this point hasn't been money, but bureaucracy, and inefficient government at the local, state, and federal levels. Yet somehow, the answer is stop donating to charity and start paying higher taxes.


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