Monday, September 05, 2005

Final Labor Day thoughts on Katrina

Just to clarify, after all my Katrina posts this weekend, I don't want to excuse anyone from blame. Clearly, local, state, and federal authorities all deserve some share of responsibility for the disaster in New Orleans. I'm just still unconvinced that there was all that much that could have been done to prevent the tragedy. Maybe I'm wrong. But all of this media criticism of the government response after the fact is just completely disingenuous. If the potential for such a disaster was so obvious, then why didn't anyone in the media, not one person put these pieces together before the storm actually struck? The answer is, of course, that the ramifications of this disaster were not only not obvious, they were unimaginable.

Maybe the lonely libertarian just has no faith in government, and is unsurprised that the government was not prepared to resolve this situation immediately. And given what's happened this past week, is such a belief unreasonable?


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