Saturday, June 11, 2005

Drug legalization remark of the day

The lonely libertarian heard a great debate today on the radio about both medicinal marijuana and drug legalization. On one side was someone from a drug legalization group whose name I can't remember, and whose idea's sounded very libertarian. On the other side was a representative for Drug Free America. At the end of the program, the drug legalization individual made a point about how drug prohibition funds terrorism (and he didn't mention it, but prohibition also helps to fund other criminal enterprises.) When given a chance to rebut this point, the Drug Free America rep didn't do so. Instead he responded with a comment about how if drugs were legal, then advertising agencies and corporations would be making money instead, and drugs would still be hurting people.

He didn't rebut the point because he knew it was true. If drugs were legal, there would be no black market, and with no black market there would be less profit, and you'd have legitimate businesses involved in the drug market. And drugs wouldn't be funding terrorism, and other crime.

This is just great ... Given the chance to rebut this point, the rep for Drug Free America equates advertising agencies with terrorists.


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