Saturday, July 31, 2010

And the Reviews Are In ...

Powerline Blog has an interesting reaction to the injunction issued against the Arizona immigration law.

In the weighing of interests required before a preliminary injunction is issued, it would seem that Arizona's interest in coping with half a million or so illegal immigrants, and the havoc this influx is causing, outweighs the small burden the law may impose on a relatively small number of lawfully present, arrested aliens. In any event, I don't believe the contrary view has been established in advance of seeing how the law actually works.

They color the "small burden" as impacting a "small number of lawfully present, arrested aliens" but that's not what the law says. Forget about numbers for a moment, because we don't know how many non-illegal immigrants will wind up being impacted by the law and focus on the group being burdened. It's not just lawfully present, arrested aliens who are burdened, but anyone law enforcement suspects may be in the country illegally during any legal stop.

It just strikes me as odd that all of the Arizona law's supporters can't be bothered to address the concern that the law they support will result in the illegal detention of American citizens.


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