Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Television Power Rankings

Mon. Nov. 2 thru Sun. Nov. 8

A bit shorter this week, as the flu kept me from keeping all the blog notes I typically keep.

1. Mad Men (Last Week # 1) (And who says nothing ever happens on Mad Men? A fitting season finale for our number one show, as we saw the destruction and rebirth of Sterling Cooper and the apparent end of the Draper marriage. Best of all, I have no idea where this leaves us for the fourth season.)

2. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Last Week #2) (There's not a better comedy on television right now, end of story. I loved the return of the lawyer, Frank's stress egg, and yet another ridiculous video production.)

3. Dexter (Last Week, #4) (Perhaps the television shock of the week, Dexter breaks his father's code. It was completely unexpected, yet shouldn't have been given the time constraints we've seen Dexter under. It was sloppy work and Dexter knows that sloppy work is what's likely to get him caught. John Lithgow's Trinity killer has taken on a life you couldn't have imagined when the season started and while the end result seems obvious, the path to that end is not so clear.)

4. V (Last Week, Not On Air) (The series premier of V makes its way this high up the list just because, wow, it was just so well done. I know, it's the same old alien invasion story, but when was the last time we saw this played out on the small screen. It's an intriguing premise and I'm curious to see where they go with it.)

5. Fringe (Last Week, #5) (Finally back on the air, Fringe gave us another excellent chapter which finally made more use of the underutilized Agent Broyles.)

6. 30 Rock (Last Week, #3) (Last week was actually a step up in quality from previous weeks, but the new season has still been a let down thus far.)

7. South Park (Last Week, #8) (A few weeks back, I criticized South Park and they've responded with a string of fantastic episodes. This was one of those great moments where a political statement about language is heavily anchored with the kids. The truth is, kids do use words like "fag" to mean much more than the narrow views of the PC police. Could be do a big bump up next week.)

8. Californication (Last Week #6) (I actually still have yet to see this last week's Californication, but I see no reason why David Duchovney would ever be knocked out of the top 10.)

9. Parks and Rec (Last Week, #7) (It was nice to see Ron get some more air time, but overall, a fairly mediocre episode.)

10. Flash Forward (Last Week, #9) (Two weeks in a row now the show has returned focus to the characters and the deeper existential questions posed by the flash forward. But the big shocker was the suicide, calling into question just how inevitable these flash forwards actually are. Another good installment and Flash Forward may see a bump up in the rankings.)


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