Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Illegal Immigrant Problem

This is a health care question, to harken back to Congressmen Joe Wilson's "you lie" statement when President Obama promised that illegal immigrants would not be covered by any proposed health care reforms.

That's all fine and dandy, but does it really make sense, particularly in regards to the individual mandate that seems to be attached to every reform proposal? The idea behind a mandate is that people without health insurance wind up costing our health care system, both down the road in terms of a lack of preventative care and in the immediate future because of emergency room bills whose cost winds up falling on the system.

So if people without insurance wind up costing the system more money (and as far as I know this is the only rationale for an individual mandate), why wouldn't it be true that illegal immigrants without health insurance also cost the system more money? It's an uncomfortable point, but I have trouble seeing how you can argue for the necessity of an individual mandate while promising not to include illegals as part of these reforms. Unless there's also been some proposal I haven't heard about to have emergency rooms stop treating illegal immigrants, I just don't get it.


Blogger Brittanicus said...

Now that E-Verify is becoming a nationwide verification application to extract 20 million plus illegal immigrants from businesses. It is now growing in aggressive performance for placing true US workers in the job line and outing illegal labor. This operation should now extend to certainly more purposeful uses? That means not just federal contractors but everybody who draws a pay check? Should a health care reform pass all obstacles in the House and Senate chambers, it could have an invaluable function of checking people who are not only applicants for jobs, but health care reform registry. Illegal immigrants are already getting free emergency hospital care and--WE--pay for it. In the future it should be considered to vet a person’s nationality status, when applying for a mortgage? The United States banking system, financial institution were all but swept away on a deluge of corruption that has very sinister undertones in an organization called ACORN.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform now is under state and federal investigations at this very moment. Other involved institution impacted both Freddie Mac/Freddie Mae and a scheme incorporating underhand minority lending practices. But you might not have heard any of this, from the liberal media about the massive illegal alien mortgage accusations. The whole debacle was the involvement in a corrupt enabling banking industry and ethnic lobbyists, using unethical methods, along with Bush administration to guarantee loans for low income and people that could not possibly afford mortgages. Didn't Wall Street, the government regulators learn anything from the Savings and loan crisis in the 1980?

GOOGLE—Michelle Malkin, she has her own blog and also Google illegal immigrants—mortgages—home loans. Find out about the shady deals which had a massive impact on the 2009 real estate crash. In Addition read how we as citizens and legal residents can demand permanent E-VERIFY. Tell the politicians in Washington at 202-224-3121 It’s about time they worked for the USworking man/woman, instead of paying-off favors to the wealthy business lobbyists? NUMBERSUSA & JUDICIAL WATCH has more answers about corrupt lawmakers and the issues that effects us all. HELP AMERICA SURVIVE. BETTER START COUNTING YOUR PENNIES, BECAUSE IF THE DEM'S PASS ANOTHER AMNESTY--WILL HAVE MILLIONS OF MORE DESTITUTE ILLEGAL ALIENS AND FAMILIES TO SUPPORT!. THE BUSINESSES THAT HIRE THEM WILL NOT! If the Democratic leadership forces through a path to citizenship or blanket AMNESTY--the US will also have irreversible OVERPOPULATION guaranteed and massive hikes in taxes to support illegal alien families. Incidentally, as a middle of the road voter, I certainly would entertain a public option for the less financially capable in my family circle, but I'm adamant NO-HEALTH CARE FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IN THIS REFORM.

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